Dreams do come true: Behold, the world’s longest pizza

Do you ever have that dream where you find yourself eating pizza for days? That dream is a reality, folks. Say hello to the world’s longest pizza. Or better yet, say “Hello, gorgeous,” because that’s all we can think staring at the 1.5 kilometer (or, roughly almost a mile) of pizza.

  This beautiful creation comes out of the Milan Expo 2015 World’s Fair, where the pizza currently resides (that is, if it hasn’t all been gobbled up yet). A judge from Guinness Worlds Records was on hand to offer up the official world record approval to this giant pizza, which included two tons of tomato sauce, and 1.5 tons of mozzarella. All together, with the dough and everything, the pizza clocked in at five tons, which means that yes, there will be plenty of leftovers, clearly.

You guys suddenly really hungry? I’m super hungry. If only we had been in Milan this weekend, because pizza onlookers got to sample a slice for FREE.  

The pizza masterpiece required over 60 of Italy’s best pizza makers working all night long to create this vision of perfection. They baked it all with rolling ovens — they’re a thing. But you know what? It was totally worth it. This pizza now can claim victory as the longest pizza to date, beating the previous pizza record holder—a 1.1415 kilometer pizza in Spain.

Please let us know the next time this pizza world record feat is going to be achieved, because we’re booking a trip to get in on this action. Nothing can stand in the way of pizza.

Images via Twitter.