Has the ‘PSL’ been dethroned by this latte?

Waiting for Starbucks to unveil the Pumpkin Spice Latte sales date is a late summer tradition, and the coffee-loving world has been supposedly counting down the days until we can enjoy our sweet, sweet coffee-pumpkin beverage. But, according to research on the Pumpkin Spice Index done annually by MyFitnessPal, enthusiasm for this flavor is on the decline. Yup —let us explain.

PSL fever has been a thing since about 2010, growing more intense (and leading to more PSL drinking) every year. But it seems that the 2014-15 PSL season was the first when consumption of everyone’s favorite autumnal flavoring actually declined. What does that mean? That 2013 was peak pumpkin spice flavoring consumption and we’re unlikely to see those highs reached again. In other words: that Pumpkin Spice latte is officially recognized as…mundane. So mundane that even die-hard PSL-enthusiasts aren’t even that into it anymore.

Here’s what the numbers look like:

MyFitnessPal finds that pumpkin spice is subject to “seasonal creep.” It’s huge in October and November and then takes a tumble, which is certainly why marketers like Starbucks and Panera offer their flavored coffees only for a limited time. But, for the pumpkin spice lovers, they note the “creep” is growing longer and longer every year. In 2014 consumption from January through March was actually up, and it has been on an upward trend since 2010.

So is the Pumpkin Spice Latte dead? (Long live the Pumpkin Spice Latte!) Well, it’s complicated. Perhaps it’s not pumpkin spice we hate, but the fall pumpkin spice rush that’s manufactured by marketers? It’s something to certainly think about.

If you were never that into pumpkin spice or you’re just looking for something new, MyFitnessPal projects the next flavor craze is Salted Caramel, which has seen quick upward growth in popularity since 2013 with no sign of slowing down.

And the people of Twitter have spoken:

And the numbers don’t lie:

Drink your fill now, before salted caramel becomes soooo last year.

(Images via MyFitnessPal, Starbucks)

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