This long-distance couple invented a brilliant way to stay close

Years and years ago, long-distance partners could only communicate through love letters sent via snail mail. But technology has brought a new and improved era of the LDR—thanks to digital innovations like Skype and FaceTime. Still, one long-distance couple, Danbi Shin and Seok Li, are using technology to bring them together on a whole new level.

Shin, who lives in New York, and Li, who lives in Seoul, decided to start a joint Instagram account. I know, I know, but this isn’t a groan-worthy joint social media account — it’s beautiful and inventive. The two have morphed the 7,000 miles of separation into a collaborative art project under the Instagram handle of @shinliart, where they post split views of their lives. Each shot is taken at the same time (despite the fact that there’s a 14-hour time difference between the two), and the results are akin to two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together.

Shin and Li’s photographs give us an idea of how it’s possible to be together while so very far apart. They have visually portrayed someone being on your mind 24/7 even when they’re halfway across the globe. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

The Instagram account has garnered over 45,000 followers in a matter of 10 weeks, and for good reason. Their captions are like poetry, heartwarming and heartbreaking simultaneously. “I miss the feeling of holding on to your hand,” reads one caption. “I reach forward to touch the light. Will you feel what I am feeling?”

“I stand before you after a walk,” reads another. “We gaze at each other and share the same feeling at the same time but from a different place. I miss you and I have met you.”

We can only hope these two artistic romantics are reunited very, very soon, but in the meantime, a huge thank you to Shin and Li for reminding us you’re never too far from the person you love.

(Images via @shinliart.)

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