Why long distance BFFS are actually the best

Anyone who is able to call someone their BFF is a lucky duck, in my opinion. They’re there for you when you’re the happiest of happy and the saddest of sad, and even the not-so-pretty times in between. So wouldn’t it sound like the type of BFFs that live far away would actually be on the low-end of the bestie scale? Maybe! But actually, you’d be wrong.

Long-distance besties are actually the best. They force you to stay in touch, take trips to see one another and appreciate your friendship for more than just someone you see every weekend. They’re the ultimate type of best friend and are worthy of BFF praise, and here’s why:

You actually have to communicate to stay in touch

Your friends half way across the country don’t get the privilege of seeing you during an impromptu mid-week trip to the gym or grocery store or workday. They’re not just a hop, skip and a jump away when you want to meet for Friday happy hour.

Communication with these types of BFFs takes actual work! You call them when a big moment happens you want to share, you send them lengthy emails when you have a too-big-to-text story to tell them during your work day and you even resort to Facetime when you want to show them something big. It’s fantastic. Real communication and it happens even when you’re really far away because real besties know no distance.

They help you see the world outside your bubble

It can be hard to remember that life truly does exist outside of your little world, especially when you’re caught up in a quarter-life crisis stage. A fantastic part of having a BFF to call, that isn’t wrapped up in it as well, is that they can help you take a step back to reality and do what besties do best: give it to you real.

By having someone to call, text, email, whatever, that is not only a BFF but also separated from your world, you can ask for advice and be assured that your bestie will be able to give it to you with an unbiased point of view, and most of all, with no judgment. You don’t have to worry that they’ll get into the middle of an issue that is hundreds of miles away from them, but they’ll still be there to talk you through it. BFFs are awesome for giving real deal guidance when you need it most, and sometimes it’s done best by those with some distance.

When you get together, it’s the highlight of forever

Do you ever notice this? When you actually get the opportunity to spend in-person time with a long-distance BFF, it’s like the best thing to ever happen in your entire life. You may talk on the phone or text or email multiple times a week or month, but when you get the chance to see them, it’s like you have a million and one things to say, catch up on and do together before the visit is up! Bestie reunions take the cake on all reunions, because #besties4life.

It takes work to stay close, and that’s a proud accomplishment
It may sound weird that something like a BFF takes work, but anyone who’s had one knows it’s true. What it takes to have good friends, is to be a good friend. So when your best of the best friends lives far away, it takes some dedication to stay in touch and have them know you appreciate their friendship for more than just an occasional text when you remember a funny story or see a funny picture pop up on your Facebook of Timehop.

And as much as it takes work, it deserves praise. Finding good friends is hard, in any stage of life, so keeping them and remaining a good one to them is something to be proud of. So remind your BFFs how much they mean to you, near or far, because life is just so much better with girlfriends in it.

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