Here’s all the times we LOLed during Lin-Manuel Miranda’s episode of “Drunk History”

We already knew Lin-Manuel Miranda would be absolute perfection in his Drunk History episode. After seeing hysterical preview clips for the show online, we could not contain our excitement for the full episode.

And Lin-Manuel Miranda’s full Hamilton story on Drunk History was as fun as we expected and so much more.

Not only did he drop some major (albeit somewhat colorful) knowledge about Alexander Hamilton, but he also added his patented lovable Miranda charm to the storytelling itself.

Here are all the times we LOLed while watching the epic episode.

1. The badass comedic casting Hamilton and Burr.

Drunk History always does a pretty spectacular job of casting its historical characters. But the choice of Alia Shawkat as Alexander Hamilton and Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr was a particular stroke of genius.

2. Describing the young Hamilton at Queen’s College.

Despite the fact that Hamilton wasn’t exactly humble, we highly doubt he every said anything close to what Miranda quoted him as saying. Then again, maybe he would have been even more successful if he had been so blunt as to call himself “really [bleeping] smart.” Who knows?

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s straight-up infectious laughter.

When he said, “I’m giggly, and there’s gaps in my memory already,” we were already totally relating to the musical superstar.

4. His blushworthy and NSFW description of The Reynolds Pamphlet.

The factthat he describes The Reynolds Pamphlet like a sexy Penthouse letter (combined with the smoky visuals and sexy saxophone background) is beyond charming. And the colorful language he uses to describe the content definitely had us cracking up.

5. The whole Questlove aside.

Midway through his story, Miranda gets completely distracted by a text from Questlove, which leads to a FaceTime session between the two friends that made us love them both even more.

6. The war noises.

When Miranda describes Hamilton leading the battle of Yorktown and added the sound effects “bilup bilup bilup pfffft,” history has never been funnier.

7. “Closing Time”

Almost done with the episode, Miranda decides to get back to his musical roots. He sits at the piano and belts out an inebriated rendition of Semisonic’s “Closing Time” then has a philosophical moment. He says, “It’s like a metaphor for everything.” Drunk or sober, you can’t help but agree.

8. The fact that it was surprisingly educational.

Sometimes learning about your own history can create the best kind of genuinely surprised laughter. Learning about Hamilton and some of the dramatics of the American Revolution that we never knew before was legit entertaining.

9.The oh-so-relatable ending.

Spoiler alert: The episode ends exactly like you’d expect from any (playfully fun) drunken night with the two hosts eating food out of an aluminum foil take out container. It is so wonderfully accurate we can’t even handle.

10. Just everything about it.

Drunk History consistently provides some pretty charming programming. Combine the show’s natural charm with all the charisma of Lin-Manuel Miranda dishing on  a subject he’s clearly passionate about and you get some seriously epic comedic television.

Is it too much to ask for Lin-Manuel Miranda to host at least one episode of this show every season? Or, maybe, we can just become BFFs with him and pick his brilliant (and hilarious) brain for more entertaining knowledge.