Lola Kirke wore the most amazing feminist tee to the Women’s March, and we found where to get one

These days, when we think fashion, one of the first people we think of is style icon Lola Kirke. But she’s so much more! She’s been dedicated to using her platform to raise awareness of feminist issues, like that time Kirke’s political pin really made people think in a new way, and that time she fought back when people bullied her for having armpit hair. She’s all about empowerment, and we dig it! And now she’s making waves in a new way. Why? Because Lola Kirke’s feminist tee for the Women’s March is EPIC.

Lola Kirke’s feminist tee is so, so incredible. We totally dig the message, which reads, “Girls support girls.” Yes, yes, and yes!

Lola being Lola, she gave the killer feminist tee and even more feminist twist by customizing it with a sharpie. It’s artsy AF, and so inclusive.

"Thank you @ryotnews for reminding me #neutral is not a fucking option and for giving me this amazing @daisynatives tee. And thank you @sharpie for helping me make it my own. (Oh and thanks @mom for indulging me in this pic 😉 Now I'm ready for the #womensmarch!!!"

We’re loving how much dedication Lola showed for the Women’s March, and how focused she was on keeping things as inclusive as possible. We seriously can’t emphasize how important it is!

We shouldn’t be surprised, though. Lola Kirke is feminist as heck, and a style icon to boot, so of course she’d find a way to combine the two.

We hope you’re feeling empowered as ever at the march today, Lola!

And you can get a tee of your own from Daisy Natives for $30!


We hope you’re feeling empowered as ever at the march today, Lola!