Lola Kirke responded to the Muslim ban with her own story of immigration

Following Donald Trump’s recent executive order, many celebrities have spoken out about the Muslim Ban. One such celebrity is the absolutely amazingly feminist Lola Kirke. Yesterday on Instagram, Lola Kirke responded to the Muslim ban, proving once again that she’s quickly becoming a political icon.

The talented actress, musician, and model Lola Kirke has such a big, big heart, and her commitment to inclusivity fills us with pride. We wanna be just like her.

Lola Kirke responded to the Muslim ban, and here’s what she had to say.

On Instagram, she shared her own experience with immigration, and opened up about why it was so much easier for her to come to the U.S. than the many people currently banned from our country because of Trump’s order.

"My #whiteprivilege made it pretty easy for me to sail through the insanity of the #immigration process and become a US citizen. I am ashamed that this is not even near a reality for so many unable to #pass (my mother is half #iraqi). I am however proud to be a part of this country as I watch the beautiful #dissent that is going down nationwide."

She continued, writing,

"I hope we can continue to work together to dismantle the notion that anybody should even have to pass in order to be accepted and that we can upend the #hatred and #xenophobia that are being writ as law together. I am amazed and deeply moved by everyone who showed up today to #resist the #immigrationban."

We’re sending her so much love and appreciation.