LOL, these CrossFit guys can barely keep up with a ballerina

CrossFit athletes are notoriously fierce, and they have the bodies to show for it. Powerlifting. Plyometrics. Calisthenics. High-intensity WODS (workouts of the day). No wonder CrossFitters feel as though they could take on the world. So, how does their athleticism stack up against a professional ballerina’s?

Self Magazine invited a group of CrossFit athletes to take a class from Isabella Boylston, the youngest principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. The results are hilarious and confirms what we’ve always known. Ballet is as leg-tremblingly difficult as we always thought it was!

As Isabella takes them through the various ballet exercises, you can feel the energy shift. They struggle to keep up. At one point, an athlete tells us his quad is freaking out. We know the feeling! Our favorite part of the entire video? Watching these CrossFitters twirl across the floor in slow motion.

What a treat!

If you haven’t had your fill of demi-pliès and grand jetès, watch this quick video for American Ballet Theatre. It’ll knock your socks off and set your toes a-pointe-ing.

We’re in love! The theatrics. The colorful costumes. The glittering productions. The drama. It’s no wonder American Ballet Theatre is recognized as one of the best dance companies in the world. Since its founding in 1940, American Ballet Theatre has toured the United States annually, performing for more than 450,000 people. They have also made more than 30 international tours to 50 countries.

It makes us want to jump with glee!

As for Isabella Boylston, she continues to slay the stage. She also eats pasta almost daily, even before performances. Did we mention it’s her favorite food? According to Forbes, her love for pasta has actually inspired a house-made “ballerina” pasta at Quality Italian. Proceeds for the lovely dish will be donated to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Whether you’re a hardcore CrossFit fanatic or a twirly ballerina, we know that breaking a healthy sweat will keep your heart happy and pumping. Keep it up!