LOL: Chelsea Clinton talked about what it’s like to have her awkward ’90s fashion choices documented FOREVER

Raise your hand if you’ve looked at photographs of yourself from your awkward teen years, and then praised the heavens, knowing that nobody will ever see those images of butterfly clips and retainers unless you CHOOSE to put them on the internet.

Now imagine going through your adolescence in The White House --- during the ~fashionable~ era of the '90s no less.

Welcome to Chelsea Clinton’s reality.


Chelsea’s father, Bill, was President of the United States from 1993-2001. And during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chelsea got real about growing up as a public figure in our fave decade.


Seth joked:

"I was also a child of the '90s, and when I look back at the way I dressed in 1992, I'm so psyched I wasn't a public figure."

Chelsea laughed and said she was jealous, before launching into a story about one of the most awkward fashion choices she made while living in The White House. Remember how much you wanted colored rubber bands for your braces? Well, Chelsea remembers, and she loooooved Halloween:

"It was rough in the '90s... I remember convincing my mother to let me put on the orange and black rubber bands on my braces, and her trying to tell me I wasn’t going to be back in the orthodontist for weeks... So, not only are my ’90s fashion expressions [and] misguided foibles recorded for eternity, so too are my braces colors.


I’m imagining if photos of my alternating pink-and-blue orthodontia fashion was available for public viewing, and I am mortified. SENDING YOU STRENGTH, CHELSEA.

Watch the full interview clip above, and also hear Chelsea talk about growing up in a political family that is constantly under attack — and about the “deeply troubling” discriminatory policies pushed by the Trump campaign.

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