LOL! This girl’s best friend went undercover to make sure her first date was a success

Picture yourself in this scenario: You’re on a first date. Your hands are clammy and you’re laughing a little too hard at your date’s jokes. Your date heads to the bathroom and you check your phone. You see a text from your BFF that reads, “Why aren’t you eating your food?” You look around the restaurant only to see your gal pal in a fake mustache and sunglasses sitting behind you. Well, Dawsyn Eubanks was in that scenario. Because her best friend went undercover to make sure Eubanks’ first date was under control.

Thankfully, Eubanks took photo evidence of her friend Georgia Hoyerwho was incognito in a hood, sunglasses, and fake mustache — sitting two tables behind Eubanks and her date.

Georgia, you sly dog, you.


Eubanks’ tweet went viral in a matter of hours and has garnered over 415,000 favorites and 181,000 retweets. Eubanks and Hoyer have become Twitter celebs overnight.

Of course, some people are wondering if Hoyer might have taken her role as a best friend too far. Perhaps she was being a little too overprotective. A simple check-in text would have sufficed, some say. An entire ploy to disguise herself as an unassuming restaurant patron is a little overdramatic, don’t you think?

To that, we say, uhh hello?? Did you see how hilarious Hoyer looked in that mustache? Now that’s commitment to not only a friend, but also to comedy!

As for Hoyer — she has no regrets.

Luckily Hoyer didn’t have to rip her sunglasses off and tussle with Eubanks’ date at any point during the evening. Even under strict surveillance, Eubanks played it cool and the date went off without a hitch. false

The year has just begun but Hoyer is already taking home the award for BFF of the year. Kudos to Eubanks for documenting the hilarity and getting the recognition the two girls deserve!

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