Rejoice! Loki is coming back! An ode to the best, baddest villain ever

Sometimes it does feel a little bit weird rooting for the villain. But the villain in question is none other than Loki, played by the marvelous Tom Hiddleston, so I think we can collectively let it slide. Yes, Loki is a really bad guy, but he does the whole ‘bad thing’ so good. If you remember correctly at the end of the Avengers, Loki is taken back to Asgard to be locked up. If you remember correctly from Thor 2: The Dark World, he and Thor team up to save the day, but by the end of the movie Loki is presumed dead. But, that’s all part of his bigger plan to take over Asgard/The Universe/etc. He is very much alive, and fans across the Marvel universe have waited with bated breath, wondering if we’d see our favorite tesseract wielding villain ever again. However, everything regarding Loki has been quiet from the Avenger’s front.

But. But! Over the weekend, Idris Elba let a little spoiler slip. Elba played Heimdall — the guardian of the rainbow bridge, which is really how Marvel describes it — in both Thor and Thor 2 and he told The Telegraph that he’s in Avengers 2. Then, he goes on to say that he does a scene with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Do you realize what that means? That means that Loki is 100% back in our lives.

Elba doesn’t further explain what the scene entails, and it simply might be a tiny small scene in Avengers 2, but regardless, Loki is back! Let’s not get greedy with our Loki screen time, because clearly our endless fan-tweets have been answered. Even if Loki is in Avengers 2 for three minutes, that’s still reason to celebrate. He’s the best, even though he’s the worst. I love Loki, and you should, too, and here’s why.

Loki is a complex, and often misunderstood, brother to Thor, and Hiddleston once went so far as to call him his “Hans Gruber,” you know, from Die Hard. Plus, those eyes.

Plus, that hair, which seems to get messier and messier as the movies go on. Maybe he could get Star Lord to braid it sometime?

Even though he’s bad, which I’ll say again and again, he seems to be having a lot of fun doing it.

I myself am a Tom Hiddleston scholar, so I can tell you that he really loves Shakespeare. If Shakespeare were around in Asgard, Loki would love him, too. Loki is basically a Shakespearean Villain. He uses big old time-y words and he says them with such grace, enough to completely freak out Black Widow.

Probably 90% of all Loki feelings can be summed up by witnessing that mischievous smile that says “I want to take over the world, but I’d also take you out to a fancy 5-star restaurant for dinner, and probably hold the door open for you and cover the check.” Or at least, that’s the conversation that happens in my mind.

Sometimes, though, things don’t go Loki’s way, like his actual failed attempt to take over Earth. But, you know this guy has more tricks up his leather trench coat sleeve. Sometimes it’s nice to see the bad guy not get his way, if only because it paves the way for more chaos to come in future installments. There’s no way he won’t be in Thor 3 right? How soon until we can launch the full-fledged petition to get a stand-alone Loki movie? We’d all see it, right?

Loki is also pretty good at impressions of other Avengers, like Captain America.

Slight pause for Hemsworth explanation of that scene:

Plus, having Loki back on set provides way more opportunities for him to hang out with small children and pose for adorable pictures that simply melt your heart into a puddle.

But, Loki doesn’t get along with all children.

So even though you’re not the person we should be rooting for in any situation, Loki, you’re still pretty great. I’m excited to have you back, no matter how long or short your appearance in the next Avengers may be. I won’t get greedy with my Loki.

Also, let’s never forget the time Tom Hiddleston danced in Thor shirt.

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