Logic brought a 12-year-old girl on stage to help him rap some bars, and she KILLED IT

If you were still craving some more amateur hip-hop action after hearing Blue Ivy’s bonus freestyle on papa Jay Z’s album 4:44, you’re in luck. This weekend, Logic brought a 12-year-old girl on stage to rap with him after spotting her in the crowd totally loving the show. The 27-year-old rapper was at the tail end of his kick-off show for the Everybody’s Tour in Salt Lake City, Utah when he spotted the prodigy getting it on up near the front row. Her skills were hard enough to stop him midway through the song “Gang Related” off his Under Pressure album.

“Oh, it’s like that?” he called out to the tween. Impressed by her skills, he asked if she would come up onstage with him. Obviously, she was visibly nervous as she made her way up there. Who wouldn’t be when getting called out for possibly rapping just as well as the guy you paid big money to see? It’s every fan’s dream.

“Oh my god, you’re so beautiful,” she said when faced with her favorite MC onstage. But she wasn’t about to be starstruck for long. When the rapper asked her if she knew the second verse well enough to rap along with him she was confident AF. “Do I know? Of course I do,” she said.

“Let’s DO THIS,” she told Logic while onstage.

YAS. She knocked it out the box, so to speak. If only every young woman could have that much confidence at 12 years old. And she wasn’t fronting at all — she knew it. Logic told her that if she did the verse at a fast pace, she could win his hat. Which, needless to say, she did. Logic is all about spreading the good vibes.

Watch the incredible performance below!


How many hip-hop fans among us have mastered a verse in front of the mirror, knowing they could kill it if given the chance? The verse goes like this:

"Hope my little brother make it out/Every night what I pray about what I pray about/Check it, uh yeah, got a son on the way/But I cling to the streets even though I wanna run away/I imagine a better life/Where I never had a debt in life/Hit you with the {gunshots} in the dead of night/Sellin’ crack to my own pops/Pushin’ this weight on my own block/If I sell a brick I can buy a house/If they find the key they might lock me up/But I take the chance/’Cause I need that sh*t and don’t give a f*ck/Take the chance, ’cause I need that sh*t and don’t give a f*ck."

Logic and the unnamed 12 year old did the entire thing pretty much in unison. Even when he starts to get ahead, she catches up. Like a boss, of course. Hopefully, her parents knew she was there and she didn’t blow up her own spot by going viral. But even if she did? It was totally worth it.