Somebody made the “Logan” trailer in Lego form and it’s still pretty intense

The latest X-Men movie, Logan, looks different from all its predecessors. The moment the first trailer came out, we saw this movie would be more serious than any others. A grizzled and angry Wolverine/Logan seemed totally alone in a depressing futuristic world. The only familiar face we see is a nearly-blind and also aged Professor X.

Needless to say, we certainly hoped Logan in Lego form would make it feel a bit more lighthearted than the original trailer.

But, the truth is, Lego Logan is just as intense as the original trailer. Though, to be fair, it’s still somehow way more adorable.

YouTube user, thebrickranger, teamed up with Paradox Pictures to recreate the Logan trailer. Everything you hear is directly pulled from the original trailer. Only, it’s set in a Lego world. And, despite the setting which makes it feel more playful, it’s still super intense.

Despite the intensity, you can’t help but giggle at a Lego Logan drinking from a giant bottle while walking around a toy wasteland.

Of all the mutations we’ve seen over the years of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, this is easily one of the most entertaining. The sadness that permeates the original trailer lightens up a bit when you see red Play-Doh (instead of blood) all over the characters.

The trailer’s attention to detail impresses us as much as the Lego diversity it shows.

Even though it’s much more serious than The Lego Movie, there are moments that perfectly mirror it and we can help but crack up.

ICYMI, the original trailer is genuinely moving.

But if that trailer feels like too much for you, now you can just watch the Lego version on repeat.