We can’t stop watching this Vine star doing the splits

Anyone who’s ever lived in New York City knows that when it comes to public transportation, you mostly keep to yourself — but Vine star Logan Paul is here to shake up your morning commute.

In a video compilation posted to Facebook last weekend, Paul shows himself randomly dropping into the splits all over New York City. It’s equal parts delightfully odd and super impressive, and we can’t stop watching it. Let’s be real: A lot of really weird things happen day to day in the city, so New York dwellers tend to be unfazed by anything short of extraordinary. Even so, Paul manages to get quite a few smiles for his impressive (and unexpected) gymnastics skills.

From the American Museum of Natural History to the front of the Flatiron Building, the video is definitely one of the more unconventional tours of the city that we’ve seen. The best part is that he does the whole thing with a straight face, never once breaking character; and each split is set to the opening beat of Uptown Funk. (Yep.)

The video already has over 41 million views, 500k shares, and 800k likes — and it’s easy to see why. If all else fails, it’s obvious Logan Paul has a back-up career as a gymnastics instructor to fall back on.


(Image via YouTube)

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