The hottest new brew in town: Lobster beer

In the past few years, artisanal beers have been making a splash in the market — gone are the days when you first heard about this new brew Blue Moon. But as breweries compete to come up with more and more unique flavors and recipes for their beer, one brewery in the state of Maine is getting really fancy. Enter: Lobster beer.

Oxbox Brewing recently unveiled a new beer dubbed “Saison dell’Aragosta” (Italian for season of the lobster), keeping in tradition with Maine’s storied, lobster-heavy history. Lobsters are boiled in a mixture of water, malt, and grain, and after the meat is removed, the remaining liquid sans shell is put through the regular beer-making fermentation process. That way, every part of the lobster is used, and you’ve got a savory beer to go along with your lobster roll.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, “The result is apparently a cool, seaside saison—a pale ale with hints of citrus, herbs, salt and of course lobster.” If you’re curious, better start planning your trip to Maine — only 3,000 bottles of this seasonal beer have been produced.

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