Lo Bosworth talks to us about Love Wellness, her new feminine hygiene brand

While most people may know the name Lo Bosworth from her time navigating the reality TV version of her Los Angeles friend group on The Hills, the 30-year-old entrepreneur has been hard at work since her years on television and it has paid off. Following her departure from the hit reality showBosworth launched her lifestyle website, The Lo Down, and soon after published her book of the same name, which featured dating advice and anecdotes from her personal life.

But now, after spending time in the spotlight, Bosworth has set to work as an entrepreneur and just released a feminine hygiene line called Love Wellness. After realizing how difficult it was to find feminine hygiene products that weren’t filled with potentially dangerous chemicals, Bosworth decided to set to work to fill the need herself. We were lucky enough to get the chance to interview her about the process!

HelloGiggles: When did you first feel inspired to produce your own line of natural feminine hygiene products?

Lo Bosworth: I’ve been thinking about the concept for years.  The idea began simply as a desire and need for a different type of feminine hygiene product than what was available and after countless doctors appointments, prescriptions, sessions with nutritionists and chemists, the collection that we’ve put out is our initial effort to address and relieve women of the most common issues they face.


HG: How have you picked your ingredients for your products? Has the process of creating healthy but marketable products been fun or overwhelming?

LB: We’ve chosen natural ingredients for our products because we feel that they’re less irritating to the skin and help promote a healthy vaginal microbiome and gut. Boric Acid, the mineral that makes up “The Killer,” has been prescribed to treat resistant yeast and BV infections for decades, but isn’t mainstream so we hope to change that.  The probiotics in our Good Girl Probiotics match the bacteria that occur naturally in the vagina, and the ingredients in our Perfect Condition Vitamin can help break down yeast in the body. Our cleanser and moisturizer are both 100% natural products with ingredients like aloe vera and lactic acid (which helps to balance pH).


HG: How have women responded to your line so far? Have you found yourself educating other women about feminine hygiene while promoting Love Wellness?

LB: The response to Love Wellness has been overwhelmingly positive.  I’ve already received hundred of emails from women sharing their stories with me who are so relieved to finally have access to natural products they know work for them.


HG: How did you pick the hashtag #TakeCareDownThere?

LB: Well, we want to spread the message that it’s actually easier than you think to maintain good vaginal health.  One of the doctors who recommends Love Wellness, Dr. Lindsay Appel, tells me one of the most common reasons patients come in to see her is because of vaginal irritation, dryness, and changes in discharge.  This most often occurs because of a common infection or use of a day-to-day chemical product like detergent, lotions, and lubricants.  Our goal is to provide women not only with natural products that can replace the chemical-filled ones they may be using, but also to help shed light on why everyday infections are so common these days.


HG: Has your following from The Hills helped with your entrepreneurial endeavors — or are you catering to a whole new demographic?

LB: I think that The Hills has helped me to build a dedicated following over the past few years, of course.  Launching a business when you have an existing platform is incredibly fortunate, but Love Wellness is for all women, no matter how they feel about my professional background.


HG: Which product would you recommend as an introduction to your line?

LB: We love our Good Girl Probiotics as an intro product!  Probiotics are great for gut health and can help women who suffer from yeast infections and BV because having the right number of good bacteria in the vaginal microbiome helps to maintain good pH levels.


You can shop all the new products on the Love Wellness website.