So the story of the day is totally the llamas who went rogue

Slow news day, or GREAT news day? Whatever the case, the U.S. of A. spent the afternoon captivated by a suspenseful, high-speed chase — a high-speed llama chase. If you didn’t watch, you missed perhaps one of the greatest moments in Internet history. We’ll fill you in.

Here’s what happened: Two llamas got loose in Sun City, Arizona, when they escaped from an animal therapy session at an assisted living facility (aw). That’s when the nation shut down to watch the 20-minute escapade.

Let’s get into further llama detail here: After these two llamas got loose they then proceeded to run all over town, free as can be and no. one. could. catch. them. And it was the greatest gift we’ve ever livestreamed.

The two escapees — a white llama and a black llama — caused such a stir that ABC 15, a local news station, reported everything LIVE FROM THE AIRin a helicopter. It was also streaming online. Everyone immediately fell in love and Twitter literally exploded. The briefest of samplings:

While their llama freedom was short lived (they were eventually lassoed and caught . . . which as one Twitter user pointed out, was possibly the most American thing that’s ever happened), and we still don’t know what their freedom dream really was, they are totally Left Shark levels of famous right now.

The llamas are now starring in their own version of The Shawshank Redemption:

The llamas are now memes:

The llamas are now a quiz:

The llamas are now Vines:

The llamas are now GIFs:

The llamas are now our spirit animal.

You can check out the whole chase video here and just imagine these llamas yelling FREEDOM as they run through the streets.

Images via here.