Lizzy the Corgi Gets Canned (But We Still Love Her Anyways)

Well I NEVER! If Dame Helen had anything to do with this, I’m going to have to find a new spirit animal. Although, I guess spirit animal-person is probably more accurate, considering CORGIS are my TRUE spirit animal-animals. I grew up with corgis and they can do no wrong. Seriously. They’re too adorable. The only thing they can’t do totally right is running. But not because they can’t/don’t run when called, as suggested by this report, but in my experience, because they run so hard and so fast (after squirrels) that sometimes they tear their ACLs. Terrible, I know.

Apparently, a 7-year-old corgi named Lizzy was part of the Queen’s company in the West End production of a play called The Audience. Corgis, in case you didn’t know, are Queen Elizabeth II’s dog of choice. Because they are adorable. Always. And Lizzy, apparently, was not happy about how Helen Mirren (who plays the Queen) called for her. So not happy, in fact, that she ignored the Dame on 16 consecutive preview performance occasions.

Lizzy was replaced by a younger corgi. Word on the street is that since “she was not as fast as co-star Rocky (a five-year-old) … [she] was never first to receive a treat from the trainer.”

Okay, so it all makes sense now. She figured Helen didn’t have nothin’ for her. So it IS kind of Helen’s fault. But moreso the trainer’s fault.

So yeah. Lizzy is still a gorgeous corgi and at least she gave it the ol’ short-legged try. Just give the girl some cottage cheese in her retirement. They like that.

Photo of corgis (Kermie and Deuce [R.I.P.]) and their Queen (my mom, Teresa) is my own.