Lizzo announced she’s leaving Twitter because there are “too many trolls”

Just when we were daring to feel hopeful about 2020, Lizzo drops a ton of bricks on us. The “Good As Hell” singer says she’s logging off Twitter indefinitely because there are “too many trolls.” And the fact that Lizzo feels hurt makes us feel hurt, and not in the boppy “Truth Hurts” kind of way.

“Yeah I can’t do this Twitter shit no more..” Lizzo tweeted on January 5th, adding, “too many trolls…I’ll be back when I feel like it.”

Though it’s unclear whether there was a specific incident that occurred that caused her to make this drastic statement, many people believe that the negative heat surrounding her weight has finally come to a boil. Since shooting to the top of the charts in 2019, Lizzo has had to deliver some serious clapbacks to those who have criticized her for her size, with one camp even suggesting she is only famous “because there is an obesity epidemic in America.” Ugh.

Outwardly, Lizzo has been able to brush these comments off with positive statements and move on. However, we can only imagine that they have been slowly chipping away at her emotions and patience.

Heck, all you have to do is look at the hateful responses to her post about leaving Twitter to see what she’s dealing with. Trolls have been celebrating with, “we did it” and, ugh, far worse. (We won’t post links because we don’t want to give a platform to the trolls, but, sadly, they’re easy to find.)

The bad vibes in the replies to Lizzo’s tweet, however, are being drowned out by the good.


The only post on her feed since her January 5th sign-off is a tweet posted by her management promoting Bonnaroo, so it looks like Lizzo was serious when she said she’s taking a break.

Do what you need to do, Lizzo. Just know that for every troll ripping you down, you have 10 stans here to build you back up.

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