Lizzo’s Baby Pink Pixie-Cut Wig Is a Whole Summer Mood

She paired it with a T-shirt with her face on it like a *true* icon.

Lizzo knows how to do summer right. From the looks of her Instagram Stories, the rapper was living it up in Santa Monica ahead of the weekend, starting out by enjoying some live music on the pier, followed up by a round of shots with her friends and a lively karaoke session. Of course, we can’t forget to mention what she was wearing, which included rhinestone-lined sunglasses, a T-shirt dress with her own face on it, and a baby pink pixie cut wig.

The wig reminds us of a similar bubblegum-pink style that Rihanna sported in 2014, and Lizzo is wearing it so well. Icons think alike, it seems. The “Truth Hurts” singer is also rocking a matching pink shade of eyeshadow, dramatic winged eyeliner, burgundy lipstick, and her recently bleached eyebrows—all of which make the wig look that much cooler.

lizzo pink wig

Lizzo seems to be having a love affair with her pixie-cut wigs recently. Before showing off her baby pink style, she posted photos of herself in a platinum blonde version just last week. She even used the blonde wig in a TikTok video to show off her bleached eyebrows, showing herself transforming from a “Karen” to, in her words, “I KNOW YALL STARIN, BITCH!”

We can only hope that the pixie-cut wigs keep coming and that Lizzo continues to deliver this A+ content while she’s wearing them. Perhaps a brunette wig and a Kris Jenner impersonation are on the docket? Or maybe a Missy Elliott-inspired style with side bangs? We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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