Lizzo is in the newest issue of Playboy, redefining the centerfold

This week, I learned that the correct way to start Aries season is with these INCREDIBLE photos of Lizzo in the Spring 2019 issue of Playboy. What did we do to deserve such a magnificent goddess? In a ’70s Barbie Dream House-inspired shoot, Lizzo bares her assets in fishnets, lingerie, fabulous hair, and over-the-top diamonds. A Black, visibly plus-size woman’s ass is the centerfold of Playboy, and I’m happy to bear witness to this amazing time to be alive.

The spread features the iconic musician lying on her side on a vintage pink couch, decked out in fishnets, lace, fur, and diamonds, plus amazing 1970s-inspired, voluminous hair. The oversized earrings and intricately pleated lingerie she’s wearing can not compete with her unbeatable stare and spectacular cheekbones. Not one of the 500 carats of diamonds present in the shoot is shining brighter than Lizzo’s energy.

Lizzo’s appearance in the magazine is revolutionary given that Playboy has featured predominantly white, thin women on its cover since the 1950s. Just 10 years ago, the reality show chronicling the lives of Hugh Hefner’s playmates, The Girls Next Door, wouldn’t have dreamed of including someone with Lizzo’s body type. Playboy has been a mainstay publication that helped shape a cultural definition of sexiness, and we’re excited to see Lizzo take her rightful place at the centerfold.

In the accompanying interview, the singer continues to spread the positive message she shares on social media. “We gotta fix ourselves in the culture so that we’re unshakable,” says Lizzo to Eve Barlow of Playboy. “Body positivity has to be mainstream.” This queen reminds us to continue steadfastly spreading the message of self-love and kindness to others if we want this movement to grow. With Lizzo’s blessing, let us go forth and remember that every beautiful body is Playboy-worthy.