Lizzo Cheekily Slid Into Chris Evans’ DMs, and TBH We Get It

Evans had *the best* response.

Look, many of us have done what Lizzo just did. However, she just did it way better than we could have ever imagined. Lizzo uploaded a TikTok showing her hilarious DM to Chris Evans set to an audio bit by TikTok user Tatayanna Mitchell. And, um, stay tuned for an incredible response from the Avengers star. Our hearts are already pitter-pattering.

“The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not gonna be able to marry him,” Lizzo lip-synced to Michell’s audio. “And honestly, it hurts me to the core. Because damn papa, he a rare breed, no comparing. Like, Chris…”

What’s even better is that Lizzo captioned her TikTok, Don’t drink and DM, kids….for legal porpoises this is a joke. 

Twitter, of course, had a field day with this.

But it gets better. Post “drinking and DM-ing,” Lizzo returned to her TikTok video and reacted to the response she received from Evans. Yes, our girl got a response! AND a follow on Instagram, by the way!

No shame in a drunk DM, Evans wrote back. God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol.

Was he referring to the accidental NSFW pic he dropped on his Story not so long ago…Who’s to say?

Um…okay….it turns out that dreams do come true, actually.

So, of course, we’re now not-so-secretly shipping them together like nobody’s business. We don’t care what their relationship turns out to be—partners, platonic soul mates, costars in something (anything), each other’s TikTok stans—it just needs to come to fruition.

Though this hasn’t been the first social media encounter between Evans and Lizzo (she responded “Wow marry me” to a 2019 tweet of Evans’), this is the first back-and-forth we’ve seen between them.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful Instagram/TikTok/social media/hopefully real-life friendship? We sure hope so.

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