Lizzo Matched Her Bleached Eyebrows to Her Blonde Pixie Cut, and Wow It’s So Good

We've come to the conclusion that Lizzo has endless wigs and they all look perfect on her.

Lizzo does not come to play! The “Good as Hell” singer consistently delivers flawless fashion looks, covetable beauty ideas, and everything in between. Basically we love everything Lizzo is delivering, and her bleached eyebrows are no different.

In the theme of playing around with wigs, hairpieces, and rainbow colors, Lizzo donned a blonde pixie-cut wig in a TikTok video to match her newly bleached brows. And though a lot of Lizzo’s hair-related changes are temporary, these eyebrows are *definitely* real. She even tagged her makeup artist Alexx Mayo, who also shared the TikTok but wrote, “I bleached Lizzo’s brows.” Well, okay then!

Not only was Lizzo rocking her blonde wig and blonde brows, but Mayo also did a fun polka-dot eye makeup treatment on her that really brought it all together. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s over the top, and it’s perfectly Lizzo.

The bleached brows Lizzo went for are perfectly on trend for 2021. We already knew statement brows were going to be a *thing*—whether it’s colorful brows, goth brows, bleached brows, or something else bold. Her blonde wig is also right on trend for what other celebs are doing these days. Megan Thee Stallion just rocked a long blonde wig at the BET Awards on June 27th and Billie Eilish famously traded in her green and black locks for blonde earlier this year. Even Lizzo herself was just wearing a two-toned blonde and red wig—both of the trendiest colors right now—literally just this week.

Lizzo is forever staying on trend and keeping us on our toes with her fashion and beauty choices, not to mention her incredible music and stance on body positivity. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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