Lizzo volunteered at an Australian food bank to help those fighting the devastating bushfires

The bushfires in Australia began in September 2019, and they continue to destroy land, homes, and wildlife. Plenty of famous people are using their platforms to raise awareness and funds to help rescue efforts, in hopes of minimizing the continuing damage and rebuilding what has been destroyed. During a recent tour stop in Australia, Lizzo visited Foodbank Australia in Melbourne, where she helped with relief efforts, sorting and packing food hampers for those impacted by the fires.

On January 7th, a fellow volunteer shared photos of the “Truth Hurts” singer helping out, and the food bank posted photos and videos of her packing boxes and chatting with staffers and volunteers at the organization.

Donning a bright orange vest, Lizzo got hands-on in her efforts, thanking the volunteers and workers for their efforts. She didn’t post about her visit on social media, though. (Perhaps as part of her Twitter hiatus.)

It seems Lizzo’s fellow volunteers and the organization wanted to highlight her efforts, thanking her for her help on Twitter and Instagram.

Though she didn’t post about her experience as a volunteer, Lizzo did tweet a link to places where fans can donate to relief efforts on January 4th. And according to Refinery29, she posted a video message to fans on her Instagram Stories.

She reportedly said, "Being over here in Australia has really given me a real time view into what’s happening with these devastating fires and for all of my followers who are mostly American, I just want to say that this is a global crisis. I think sometimes you look at something that’s happening in another country you automatically go, ‘Oh, well, you know that’s not going to happen to us, that’s not our problem, that’s another country.’ But we’re all connected on this planet. This is the Earth and we share this as a home."

Lizzo also addressed her Australian fans directly during her show, discussing the devastation faced by wildlife in the wake of the fires and setting up buckets at the concert venue where audience members could donate to wildlife rescue efforts.

She told her audience that she was “so overwhelmed by the love” and thanks she received, adding, “thank me? Thank you. This is the least I could do to put a smile on your faces during this tragedy, get your mind off of it for just a second, and feel good as hell.”

Of course, for so many of us that live in various parts of the world, it’s easy to feel helpless and unsure of how to actually support those in need. Here’s where you can help donate and make a difference from anywhere in the world. Major props to Lizzo for her efforts, and for giving her Aussie fans an outlet to sing, dance, and celebrate just for a little while.

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