This trailer of “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” reimagined as a thriller is hilariously scary

Have you ever thought that your favorite film might have a sinister undercurrent? Well, YouTuber Elle Mills felt that things weren’t all gravy with The Lizzie McGuire Movie, so she reimagined the trailer as a thriller to better represent the darkness that she believes to be bubbling underneath the seemingly fluffy family friendly film.

While everyone from Lizzie McGuire is currently living their best lives, we still love revisiting our fave show and got our lives when Freeform (formerly ABC Family) brought back the Disney Channel classic earlier this year. We also couldn’t handle it when these behind the scenes outtakes of Hilary Duff filming Disney Channel promos.

However, now we’ve seen Elle’s edit of the trailer, we don’t think that we’ll be able to EVER see Lizzie McGuire in the same light ever again.

Discussing the film with her mother, Elle explains that she always found the character of Paolo, the Italian popstar who befriends Lizzie in the movie, to be rather problematic. In fact, she postures, Paolo is just darn creepy.

To showcase what she means, Elle re-cut The Lizzie McGuire Movie trailer into a Taken-esque thriller that sees Lizzie get kidnapped by Paolo. The whole thing is actually really, really intense and kinda chilling.

Watch Elle’s re-cut Lizzie McGuire Movie trailer below.

While we know that in the real movie Paolo does end up being a bit of a fraud, this new interpretation is making us question EVERYTHING. Perhaps Paolo was actually a master criminal intent on kidnapping Lizzie? Maybe he was planning some huge heist that would eventually involve Liam Neeson roaming around Rome on a mission to help save Hilary Duff?!

We pretty sure that we won’t actually get to know whether Paolo is a sinister serial killer kidnapper or not mainly because our hopes of a Lizzie McGuire movie remake/grown up sequel are pretty slim. But we can dream, right?

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