This “Lizzie McGuire”-inspired makeup tutorial is spot on

Back in the early 2000s, Lizzie McGuire was so much more than just a character. She was like a best friend to us. Lizzie “got” what growing up was like, and was one of the most relatable teens on TV. She experienced the same things we were going through, and was there for us during the good times and the bad.

Lizzie had impeccable style, from her overalls to her butterfly clips. In fact, her outfits still inspire us on a daily basis. If you’ve ever wanted to take things a step further and copy Lizzie’s makeup look, now you’re in luck, thanks to this tutorial!


Makeup guru Stephanie Duran posted a step-by-step video of how to create the perfect Lizzie-inspired look. Duran already looks a lot like actress Hilary Duff to begin with, but she’s practically her long-lost twin in this tutorial.

This video is a sped up version of the full tutorial, you have to subscribe to to watch the full thing. However, she does list the entire makeup shopping guide which is great!

The video is not only a makeup guide—it’s also an homage to the Disney Channel show we all loved. Recognize that song? It’s “We’ll Figure It Out,” the Lizzie McGuire theme! Duran even holds up a red rubber ball at the end, just like in the show’s opening credits.

Now it’s your turn to blend, contour, and bronze your way to Lizzie McGuire’s signature look. Don’t forget the glittery eye shadow and shimmery lip gloss!