This is happening: “Lizzie McGuire” is coming back to TV!

Spring is in the air and so is the sweet scent of nostalgia, which is why Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) is giving us the throwback we need and deserve: a whole month of reruns of some of our favorite early 2000s Disney original series! Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, and Kim Possible will take turns this month airing every Monday through Thursday from midnight to two a.m., Entertainment Weekly reports. Our girl Lizzie kicks off the first two-hour block, with the rest following as listed. Yes, that means EIGHT HOURS of childhood nostalgia every week!


It’s no secret that we’re BIG fans of these shows and the characters on them. They taught us so much about growing up and being badass women and made us feel like our little quirks and habits were special. We can’t wait to relive that every weekday night when we totally should be sleeping — just like old times!


Lest you were worried that your Fridays would be left Disney-less, Freeform is taking that day to air different Disney Channel Original Movies at midnight. Twitches kicks off the party on May 6th, with Get A Clue, Stuck in the Suburbs, and Smart House airing the following Fridays.

All this goodness from Freeform, a sister channel of Disney, is a good way to prepare for the ultimate Disney Channel Original Movie marathon happening over on Disney Channel at the end of the month, which will air Zenon and (!!!) High School Musical. We’re feeling SO spoiled by all this Disney love, but would never turn down the chance to reminisce on just how great it was to grow up with these stories — and binge-watch them all over again.


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