Lizzie McGuire’s Christmas episode is still amazing

On March 23, 2001, Aaron Carter guest-starred on Lizzie McGuire, and all the world’s preteen girls collectively gasped. Yes, the Christmas-themed episode debuted during the spring, but that weird timing did not stop our middle school hearts from pitter-pattering at the fact that 13-year-old Aaron Carter would be on the same set as our spirit Disney star, Lizzie. But how well do you remember the momentous television event? Let’s review the highlights.

First of all, the credits aRe WriTTeN liKe ThiS. Because obviously.

Then Lizzie gets so excited to hear that tween sensation Aaron Carter is filming a music video near Hillridge Junior High that she pulls this classic Lizzie move.

Without questioning why the heck the brother of a Backstreet Boy would be filming anywhere other than Hollywood, Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda sneak onto the lot. And they channel The Beatles — even though it’s hard to imagine any of the Disney Channel’s target demographic recognizing this iconic shot:

Oh, and Matt dresses up in the worst Aaron Carter get-up ever but still gets mistaken for the singer’s stand in. Little brothers, amirite?

Okay, but things get really good when Lizzie finds this very real, definitely not quickly Photoshopped, “Winter Wonderland Video Pass” that belongs to someone special.

When Aaron’s manager says only one of the trio can stay and meet the pre-pubescent pop star, Lizzie insists that her bestie Miranda should stay. She wants Miranda to sing a few bars for Aaron and become a famous singer. (Too bad Miranda wasn’t in Rome when Lizzie was off galavanting with Paolo — she could have performed inside the Colosseum.)

Quick question: Do you think Aaron kissed every girl that walked into his dressing room, or nah?

Because it felt so special, so clandestine when Lizzie knocked on his door …

… And there just happened to be some well-placed mistletoe.

Thankfully, all of us were so young, we did not overthink the fact that this random boy wrapped in what looks like an aluminum foil jacket kissed Lizzie after saying four words to her.

Ethan Kraft who?

Like any episode with a musical guest star, “Here Comes Aaron Carter” ends with a music video shoot. “I Want Candy” is kind of inappropriate for a child to be singing and is in no way a holiday song. Also, 13-year-old Aaron Carter surrounded by 22-year-olds in sexy elf outfits.

But we all knew he was singing to Lizzie. So whatevs.

P.S. Girl, where’d you get those shiny pants?

In case you want to relive the whole episode (you know you do), it’s available through Disney:

(Images via Disney.)

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