Liza Weil aka Paris Geller reveals she has a recurring nightmare about “Gilmore Girls”

Long live Paris Geller!

How to Get Away With Murder star, Liza Weil reveals she has a recurring nightmare about Gilmore Girls and we’re a little scared.

It’s almost time for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to premiere on Netflix, and that means we had to have another Gilmore Girls story for you. This time it’s all about Weil, who played Paris Geller for seven seasons and will be reprising her role for the revival.

The 39-year-old actress revealed that while she loves her iconic character Paris, who talks almost as fast as Rory and Lorelai — and who somehow transformed from mean girl to one of the best characters on Gilmore Girls — it is a daunting task to step back into that role after such a long time.

"It's terrifying. I'm a little bit of a Nervous Nellie; I'm a self-critical person," Weil told TVLine about reprising her role as the intense former Chilton student and Yale alum.

Hmm, self-critical, does that sound like any Gilmore Girls character you know?

"[But] we have an amazing dialogue coach that we had for the last few years on the series and who came back to do the revival. And I can't tell you enough how much George Bell has saved my hide," she continued.

"I could not have done it without him. I had nightmares and panic attacks about not being able to do it."

When the series picks up, we will finally discover what Paris has been up to all of these years and we can’t wait. Did she become a doctor or lawyer like she always planned? Or did the bull-headed girl take a different path?

What we do know is that Weil is happy with the direction Paris took. “Amy and Dan came up with the right way to go with Paris,” Weil said.

Tune into the four-part event beginning November 25th to see what Paris and the rest of the Gilmore Girls characters are up to now — you won’t regret it.

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