All the thoughts I had living alone the first time

So you’ve done it. You’ve gotten your very own place, without a roommate or anything. And that’s amazing, but it can also be a lot to handle. There’s a whirlwind of feelings and thoughts, and they usually hit in a specific order. In my experience, it goes something like this.

I don’t have to clean because no one else will care!

Living in your own place means that no one is telling you how and when to clean things. You can be messy! You can do what you like after work! You might not have to clean your hair out of the shower drain as frequently as you did when you shared a bathroom. Who cares if you have stacks of magazines everywhere. IT’S ALL YOU, BABY.

But I want it to look perfect always because no one is here to mess it up 

On the other hand, if you leave your bed made, it will stay made. If you put your remote on the designated resting spot, it will be there when you get home. If you put your hairbrush on the bathroom counter, it will remain in said counter spot. If you buy cereal, no one else is going to secretly eat it and leave an empty box! It’s amazing.

Maybe I should get a cat?

Living alone means that you don’t have to worry about a roommate’s allergens. And if it’s your first time living by yourself, they can add all kinds of company, too. But then again, you’re the only one responsible for cleaning the litterbox or taking the dog on walks all the time. And when you go out of town, you’re the one who has to find a sitter—no handy roommate to help with that.

Wait, I never have to wear pants in my house again

Maybe I’ll only wear onesies! Maybe I’ll jsut swan around in my ratty robe! Maybe I just won’t ever wear pants again!

I have to pay for all this … somehow.

Oh, right. No one is around to split the rent or electricity or cable. If something breaks, it’s all on you to figure out a way to fix it, or bug the landlord until they do. The groceries aren’t going to buy themselves, and there’s not another person’s closet to raid just in case.

Am I lonely?

When you first live alone, especially after having a roommate all those years, it can feel a little lonely. Invite your buds to visit, get out of your place a little if you are starting to feel stifled. There’s no built-in roommate hang outs, but with a little planning, you can play just as much Jenga together as you did before. (Well, close)

 I have to decorate! IMMEDIATELY!

Oh Pinterest, why do you tempt us so? You might feel overwhelmed with your need to decorate (what with Pinterest egging you on and everything). Don’t go overboard buying things though. Check with family and friends to see if any one wants to pawn off their amazing old Tiffany lamp or share some family art work with you and leave room for new sentimental decor to come. Everything will come together in time, young grasshopper. And when it does, it will be lovely.

I should have a party!

Yes, yes you should. Invite your friends, share your place! Warm that house! Oh and don’t forget to keep it semi low-key. You don’t want anyone to trash your new sanctuary.

Everyday is a party now that I have my own place

Yesssssssss!  You can dance naked in your living room and binge watch bad TV with no judgement from anyone else, that is something worth savoring.

 I am home

There is no better feeling than feeling at home and knowing your space is all yours. Breathe that in. It’s pretty great.

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