We are one step closer to living in the DCOM “Smart House”

Batten down the hatches, kiddos. We’re blasting into the future! According to Mashable, Wi-Fi Alliance — the non-profit organization that certifies Wi-Fi enabled products — is bringing our favorite 1999 DCOM, Smart House, to life. We don’t know whether to be excited, or scared about our house turning against us!

Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a new set of building guidelines for Smart House-style contractors to use to incorporate wireless networks into their designs, so dead zones will be a thing of the past. The company wrote in their announcement,

"Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ brings enterprise design practices for planning and installing Wi-Fi networks to the new home construction industry, resulting in consistent, whole-home coverage and an exceptional Wi-Fi experience from the day the home owner moves in.

OKAY, that makes sense to us. With all of our modern-day devices, it makes sense that modern-day homes are beginning to incorporate wireless network systems into their construction, like electrical and plumbing systems.

And Wi-Fi Alliance expects the number of devices in a family home, as well as the demand for stronger networking, will only grow in the next ten years. The org states,

"The requirements consider the increasing number of smart home devices expected in homes over the next decade, and the growing demand for data-intensive usages such as virtual reality and simultaneous 4K video streams. Wi-Fi Home Design will scale to accommodate both the growth in Wi-Fi devices and high-bandwidth applications."

But what really piques our interest is the fact that the first Wi-Fi Alliance certified construction company is South Florida’s construction company, Lennar. Lennar has decided to build Amazon’s Alexa into their smart homes as well. Amazon Echo speakers will be wired into the home during construction.

We have to ask — what is the difference between Pat and Alexa??

Lennar plans to introduce their Wi-Fi Alliance plans to some home builds starting in the next month. And if other builders and architects choose to follow suit, this certification might become the new norm.

All we have to say is that if the smart homes begin taking over and claiming they’re our mothers, don’t say that Disney Channel didn’t warn you!

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