A woman live-tweeted the worst date ever and it’s heart-wrenchingly hilarious

Dating in 2016 is like playing Russian roulette inside of shark-infested waters. Though it can sometimes be fun, there’s always the chance you’ll be disappointed. 

Well, it’s time to see the glass half full as a result of this woman live-tweeting the worst date ever.

Television shows like Friends have made it easy to spot bad dates. It seems like the biggest red flag is how your date treats the wait staff. In addition, how your datetreats the wait staff and treats you is very important. But if you really wanted to see modern dating culture just watch You’re The Worst. Or read the live-tweets of Kelly Fine, who was a witness to the worst date ever. This is how it all started:

As a result of Kelly’s eavesdropping, we all lived out the next few moments in horror.

Strike One

Right away he seems like bad news. Never order for your date unless they specifically ask you to because no one deserves to be infantilized.

Strike Two 

First of all, read the menu dude. Furthermore, at least try and be nice to your date! Letting her get a word in or two is pretty important.

Strike Three

There’s so much going wrong in this conversation, we don’t even know where to start.

Strike Four 

That woman on the terrible date was with needs to run out of there ASAP and never speak to him again.

 Just know that you can always leave any social encounter if you feel uncomfortable. Follow your instincts and don’t every worry about being rude or thinking you owe anyone anything. Dates are meant to be fun so never let them get as crazy as this live-tweeted one!