How To Live Like a True ’90s Kid in 2014

So, good news, you guys. Trapper Keepers are back! But instead of holding your biology homework, it now holds your iPad. This much needed comeback got us thinking, can you live like a ‘90s kid in 2014? If growing up in the ’90s taught us anything, it’s that we can be whatever we want to be. (Oh and the actual Trapper Keepers are coming back too, soon to a Target near you.)

Let’s use this fantastically nostalgic news as a way to celebrate our inner ’90s selves and go ALL OUT. Here are 15 ways to live like a true ’90s kid in 2014.

1. Get Up Early And Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons

While the ones we grew up with might not be on anymore (RIP One Saturday Morning), there are still NetFlix accounts, Pop Tarts and sugary cereals. So why not spend a Saturday morning doing this?

2. Go To a Backstreet Boys Concert

Oh yes, you can still do this. And sure, maybe at this point we should be calling them “Backstreet Men.” But Backstreet’s Back. Alright.

3. Write Exclusively In Milky And Gelly Pens

Just DO NOT write your rent check in milky pens, I learned that the hard way.

4. Work “Girl Power” Into Your Everyday Vocabulary

With all the confusion around feminism, why don’t we just call it what the Spice Girls called it: Girl Power. It’s a fun thing use in a hashtag and or e-mail signature!

5. Play Some Pogs

Why not? Make this a new drinking game, or just carry to Pog tube and slammer around with you. It’s much more fun than Candy Crush.

6. Break Out Those Floppy Disks

I don’t think they’ll fit into your laptop (maybe PCs? Unclear). But they come in such fun colors! Why not carry them around? Trade them! Or just use the millions of labels that come with the disks to make greeting cards!

7. Slime Someone

WHEN DID WE STOP SLIMING PEOPLE? We should keep doing that! Like every time a Tinder date goes poorly, your date gets slimed? Let’s bring this back.

8. Upgrade your iPhone to a See-Through Landline

Nothing will make you more unavailable AND retro.

9. Replace Your IKEA Living Room With Blow-up Furniture

I’m sure it has the same life span… 10. Sport a Choker Necklace

  Cinderella rocked one, you should too.

11. Insist That Everyone E-mails You On Your AOL Account

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Sorry for my Beatles away message. I thought I was being deep.

12. Instead of Text Messages, Pass Notes


13. Bring Back Your Tamagotchi

Digital pets are the new real life pets.

14. Grab your Besties and Hang Out Under a Parachute

Like we used to do in gym class. Still unclear as to how this was physical activity.

15. Insist on Only Watching VHS Tapes

I’m sure your dad still has a VHS player incase they, “come back.”

I could go on and on. Embrace the ’90s. Just because the times are changing, doesn’t mean you have to. #GirlPower.

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