Someone actually made a live-action version of the LEGO Batman trailer and it’s even funnier, if that’s possible

One of the best parts about the internet (other than, you know, cat videos) is the way it allows fans to really express themselves. Now, we all love the LEGO movie. So when we learned there’d be a LEGO Batman movie, we were, of course, pumped. And the trailers did not disappoint! However, one fan, being a super fan, took the LEGO Batman movie trailers and made them live action! That’s right, now we can see a live action Batman attempt to be a surrogate dad to future Robin. And we thought the LEGO Batman movie couldn’t get any cooler. We were wrong.

First, here’s the trailer for the original LEGO Batman movie:

Looks pretty hilarious, right? The LEGO Batman Movie is a spinoff of the incredibly successful (not to mention, brilliant) LEGO Movie, focusing on the sardonic miniature caped crusader.

As hilarious as LEGO Batman is — and he’s definitely our favorite LEGO character, thanks to Will Arnett’s awesome voice acting — we couldn’t help but wonder if a humorous Batman is just what the live action world needs. And it seems we weren’t the only ones.

Check out this live-action remake of the LEGO Batman trailer!

Creator Philysteak ingeniously uses clips from Batman, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever overlaid with dialogue from the LEGO Batman trailers.

As Cinema Blend’s Corey Chichizola writes, the beginning of the trailer is particularly hilarious:

"To start, the opening moments are gold. We see Michael Keaton's Batman being adored by tons of fans. No longer a vigilante, Batman is now a hero in Gotham City who the public applauds with each crime fighting adventure. The Lego version of Batman has a bit of an ego, and it's hilarious to see his dialogue associated with Michael Keaton's Batman. The whole opening scene gets even sillier when you notice that Batman is unable to turn his head, and must pivot his entire body in order to catch the spot light."

We agree, there is comedy gold in this fan trailer! Now if only this could hold us over until the real LEGO Batman movie premieres February 10th, 2017. Until then, we’ll just be doing our best impersonation of the miniature caped crusader.