See Billy Porter’s Genderless Fairy Godmother in the First ‘Cinderella’ Trailer

The new movie lands on Amazon Prime Video on September 3rd.

Camila Cabello’s Cinderella is coming to Amazon Prime Video on September 3rd, and we just got our first look at the star in action with her fairy godmother Billy Porter. Amazon dropped the first trailer of the new film on August 3rd, and we have to say, we’re pretty excited for the whole thing but especially for Porter.

Porter’s taking on the role that’s historically been viewed as a female character. However, he revealed last year that he’d be playing this role in a “genderless” manner. In an interview with HelloGiggles earlier this year, he said, “My tagline is ‘magic has no gender.’ It’s not about gender. It’s about magic and magic is about love…that is really what Cinderella is about. And I hope that everyone will take that message away when they see [the movie] and incorporate it into their lives and how they move through their lives.”

In the new trailer, we see Porter descend on Cinderella in the gorgeous costume we first saw when the movie’s social media shared a photo in May. But whereas that preview was in 2D, this trailer shows Porter in all his glory. The first thing we hear from him? That he’s Cinderella’s “fabulous godmother.”

The live-action version of this classic movie has been, of course, modernized to fit 2021, and Porter’s character goes right along with that. Porter infuses much of his own vibrant personality into the fairy godmother, sassing Cinderella and helping her win her man.

It’s a fresh take on a story we know so well, and we’re excited to see not only Porter and Cabello, but Idina Menzel (who plays the wicked stepmother), Pierce Brosnan (who plays King Rowan), and the rest of this star-studded cast. With such a talented lineup, this movie *has* to be something special.

We’ll be streaming Cinderella on September 3rd when it lands on Amazon Prime Video—how about you?

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