Liv Tyler posted pics of her baby boy, and our hearts feel full

Liv Tyler’s latest Instagram posts are giving us some serious goals — not just #relationshipgoals, but of just about every variety.

Tyler has been on vacation with fiancé Dave Gardner, their 10-month old son Sailor (that name! so presh!), her 11-year-old son Milo, and Gardner’s son, Gray. (Seriously, have you ever heard such a hip trio of kid names as Sailor, Milo and Gray? Didn’t think so.) On Tuesday, she shared some adorable family pics that are making us swoon with envy.

Here she is, cuddling with Sailor in a pic captioned, “So so nice to be warm!!!!” along with a string of tropical-themed emojis that have us reaching for sunscreen.

We don’t even know where to start with this. The vacation vibes alone are almost too dreamy for words, but the tenderness between Tyler and her son is just too much. We weren’t sure our hearts could handle this level of sweetness, then we saw the photo she posted of Sailor sitting atop his dad’s shoulders on the beach…

Um, our hearts have now exploded into flowers and palm trees. This is paradise on every level; is it too soon to take vacation again yet?

Images via Instagram, Shutterstock

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