Liv Tyler just revealed the incredible thing her dad, Steven Tyler, did the day her son was born

In February of 2015, actress and eternal elf Liv Tyler got two wonderful surprises. The first was the birth of her son, Sailor Gene, who decided to show up six weeks early for his own due date, much to his mother’s shock. The second surprise of that day was that Liv’s father, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, dashed across the country to be with Liv while she was in labor.

Liv visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 2nd to talk about the epic season finale of her show, The Leftovers, but the conversation soon turned to her father’s drop-in. Since the baby was six weeks early, Liv’s fiance, sports agent Dave Gardner, was traveling for work and unreachable when Liv went into early labor. Liv called her sister, Mia Tyler, who phoned their father straight away. According to Liv, “he just like walked out of his house, he was in Nashville, and I didn’t exactly know that, and then he kind of walked in just before everything happened.”

A dad rushing across the country to get to his daughter is pretty adorable to begin with, but even sweeter was the first duty grandpa Tyler did for his newest grandson: Liv revealed he cut the umbilical cord. Of course, this is a mega-rock star we’re talking about, so the process did lead to some funny moments. Liv apparently has a photo where “.. everything is really very hygienic, and his hand just looks insane kinda in there with his long black claws…and huge skull rings.”

“We don’t always see him that often, but when we do, it’s like this magical wizard comes to the house,” she also told Kimmel. Hmmm, who wants to bet he used a portkey to get to his laboring daughter?

Check out the adorable interview below.

(Image via Instagram)