This ‘Liv & Maddie’ clip is a perfect takedown of sexist interview questions

We’ve been so excited for this episode ever since we got wind of it back in August. An episode of Disney’s Liv & Maddie all about feminism? Featuring Kristen Bell? Truly a match made in heaven, and we finally have a clip of the episode before it airs this Sunday night.

The episode, titled “Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney,” could not have come at a better time. More and more women in Hollywood are starting to speak out about gender inequality in the industry, from the pay gap to double standards on the red carpet

She wasn’t alone, of course. In the clip, Kristen Bell provides moral support as Liv points out inequality on the red carpet, and demands that reporters asks her more thoughtful questions. This is something that Dove Cameron, who plays both Liv and Maddie, stands by in real life. She told Seventeen:

Thankfully, people like Dove Cameron and Kristen Bell are using their popularity and platforms to further the cause. “We think we’re equal,” Dove continued. “But if you really think about it there’s a lot of things in male/female interactions that we don’t even think are out of the ordinary just because we are so used to them, and if you really look closer you’ll realize it.”

The only way to fix it is to keep calling it out, to keep making clear to the world that it isn’t okay, and to offer solutions, like in this clip. Watch the amazing girl-power moment below, on tune into the Disney Channel this Sunday at 7:55 PM to watch the full episode!

(Image via YouTube)

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