We might have some bad news for ‘Liv and Maddie’ fans

A post on Instagram yesterday has sent Liv And Maddie fans into a tailspin about the future of the beloved Disney show. Bonnie Wallace, mother of Dove Cameron who stars in the hit show, uploaded a photo of the cast at the final table read for season three. However, the caption has got everyone a liiiiittle worried.

Here’s the post:

What?? Season four hasn’t been confirmed? That’s super surprising, especially since this recent season has had such success, including a guest performance by Kristen Bell that helped address sexism in Hollywood. Disney must know just how much we love this show and the messages it teaches its viewers, so surely they’ll bring it back for round four.

No matter what happens, we’re sure that the dedicated and loving cast will go on to do great things. We’re just not ready to leave their current roles behind.

(Image via Disney)

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