6 little things in life that genuinely get better once it finally feels like fall

Even if you enjoyed the hell out of summer, you’re probably breathing a huge sigh of relief at the moment, and not just because the end-of-summer parties are over so you can hibernate in peace. Actually, your relief likely has more to do with what happens every autumn that causes *so* many little things in life to genuinely get better.

For starters, scientists say fall is the sexiest time of the year, so don’t be surprised if you find it a little easier to have your carnal needs met. If that’s not enough to sell you on fall being the best season ever, it’s also when Mother Nature blesses us with an extra hour of sleep, pit stains become a thing of the past for most of us (temporarily, at least), and the blazing sun isn’t as big a pain, thanks to generally overcast skies.

We couldn’t be more ready to embrace the changes and bid farewell to some of our summery struggles. Once it finally feels like fall, all the many subtle ways that life improves totally add up.

1Going outside.

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Whether you love or loathe summer, the inevitable heat waves the season brings are downright brutal. Everyone’s super pumped about spending more time outdoors, but the stifling temps and humidity make us want to avoid simple errands like going to the grocery store, exercising outside, or even checking the mail.

On the flip side, when it finally feels like fall, being outdoors is a lot less taxing, especially when you can go about your business without literally melting in the process.

2 Getting dressed.

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Um, who isn’t all the way here for fall clothing? Even the frumpiest person you know looks forward to all of the fashionable possibilities that await us when the weather finally starts to cool down.

Also, getting dressed is way less stressful. Instead of worrying about practical matters like your clothes sticking to your skin or trying to hide embarrassing sweat stains, you can get beyond excited to debut your newly updated fall fashion wardrobe.

3Road trips.

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While there’s something undeniably magical about hitting the road during the summer months, traveling by car in the fall means you can actually let the windows down without getting scorched. Even if you encounter a rain shower on the way, the view of stunning fall foliage will easily make up for it.

4Finding a cheap flight.

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Each season has its travel-related advantages, but fall offers some major perks that will make satisfying your wanderlust that much easier. According to experts, the cheapest travel options pop up during this time of year. Specifically, super affordable round-trip flights become more available near October, so early fall is the perfect time to start planning your next getaway.

5Finding a mate.

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If you got your head in the dating game during drafting season, then finding someone suitable enough to snuggle up with during the chilly months of cuffing season should be a breeze. And if you have no idea what any of this seasonal terminology means, we suggest you brush up on all the new dating trend slang before the leaves start to turn.

5Wearing makeup.

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Unless you’re a makeup guru who can easily create the fiercest beat with maximum staying power, achieving a lasting look is infinitely easier when fall rolls around. Finally, you can skip all those sweat-proof makeup tips and leave the house with the confidence that you won’t start to look like a gooey, masked version of yourself halfway through the day.

6The TV lineup.

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When we’re not outside inhaling the crisp fall air, nothing feels better than curling up with a blanket and binge-watching all of our favorite returning fall TV shows.

Oh, how we’ve missed you fall. Welcome back!

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