7 little things you can do to reclaim your space after your ex moves out

Now that you’re back to rolling solo and nursing a broken heart, the last thing you need is to see countless reminders of your ex all over the place you two once shared. It’s one hell of a task, but it is possible and necessary to reclaim your space after a breakup.

Obviously, various factors contribute to the amount of time it takes to get over a breakup. Depending on the parties involved and the intensity of the romance, it can feel like a lifetime before you regain your footing. But when your ex moves out after a breakup, there are some positive aspects to consider.

Think about it: You’re officially free to do WTF you want without that naggy person you once loved (maybe still love) hovering and offering unsolicited commentary on everything from what you watch on TV to which direction the toilet paper hangs.

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All better now? Probably not, but dry your tears with the sleeve of your ex’s tattered-but-comfy sweatshirt (yeah, the one you’re still wearing), and get to work putting your own special stamp on your space.

1Give the place a mini-makeover.

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Paint the walls, spiff up the place with some new pillows or lighting, or hang a new piece of artwork (maybe specifically the one you and your ex couldn’t agree on). Do a DIY project to instantly transform the look and feel of your place from “we” to “me.”

2Get rid of the stuff your ex gave you or left behind.

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The options are endless: You could take the petty, wounded route, and return every single morsel your ex gave you, from the jewelry to the bag it came in. Depending on how badly things went, you might be tempted to trash everything your ex left behind. Or you could store things your former partner gave you if you want to hold on to it, because hey, you’re human, and broken hearts don’t heal overnight.

Either way, remove the physical reminders of your ex to reflect the reality than you no longer reside in a shared space.

3Use sage to clear the energy in your place.

Your ex may be gone, but the vibes around the house say otherwise. In order to get rid of the old, stagnant energy of relationships past, trying using a sage smudging ritual to clear your space. If that option doesn’t appeal to you (or your respiratory system), look into ways to energetically cleanse your space without smoke.

4Rejoice in your newly acquired extra closet space.

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The thrill of gaining extra closet space is almost invigorating enough to make you completely forget about the fact that your relationship just ended. The aftermath still sucks, but revel in the fact that you can rearrange your clothing with those space-saving velvet hangers you’ve been eyeing. Also, your shoe addiction can now thrive under optimal conditions.

5Toss out your bedding.

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Ah, the memories. Yeah, the ones you’re trying to block out of your mind but somehow won’t budge because you’re still sleeping on the same sheets you shared with your ex. Flashbacks of previous romps will probably linger for a while, but the sheets must go ASAP.

6Clean everything in sight.

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If you can pull yourself out of bed, that is. Breakups can totally zap your energy and will to do anything but loaf around and become a Netflix-watching zombie who subsists solely on a diet of junk food and wine. But during those brief post-breakup moments when a sliver of light cuts through the darkness, make a plan to work in a few intense cleaning sessions to de-clutter and give yourself a sense of starting anew.

7Invite friends over.

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The first gathering will probably feel a little awkward or like something (or someone) is missing, but having friends in your solo space cements the fact that this is your spot, and living here alone is not only possible, but something you can totally embrace and enjoy.

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