This little kid playing rugby is destroying everyone like the tremendous hero he is

To the unaware spectator, watching a kids sporting event might sound like nothing but fun and games because how serious could a bunch of pint-sized humans aimlessly flailing around on a field be, right? Well, watching this 9-year-old rugby player absolutely destroy his components like a tremendous hero will teach you to never underestimate a kid’s athletic prowess. EVER. AGAIN.

Um, we’re not exactly sure how the rules of engagement work in rugby, but jeez Louise, this kid’s technique is scary AF. Precisely when does he plan to go pro again?! We’re pretty sure that should happen sooner than later.

The video clip was shared on Tony Veitch’s Veitchy on Sport‘s Facebook page and has since racked up a staggering 4.6 million views, likely by hordes of people who also cannot believe how this kid-turned-beast gets down on the field.

Beast Kid’s merciless stiff arms definitely wouldn’t work on the dance floor, but they’re clearly effective in a rugby match. Due to the fact that they look absolutely brutal (and probably also feel even worse), we have no qualms admitting that if we saw this kid coming our way, we’d politely turn and sprint in the other direction.


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