This little kid dancing at Coachella has the internet completely baffled (and maybe kind of jealous)

If you’ve already been inundated with social media updates from members of your squad who somehow managed to make it to that uber-famous music and arts festival this year without you, then this kid dancing at Coachella probably won’t do much to alleviate your FOMO. Yep, a literal child is living it up the way you (and we) want to be right about now, and the only possible reaction is to sit back and observe with utter confusion (and a teeny bit of envy).

During weekend one of Coachella 2017, we spotted Rihanna in a glitter bodysuit and completely lost it when huge acts like Lady Gaga and Lorde took to the stage to perform new songs. However, all of our fangirling was done in spirit, unlike the lucky ass kid who was hitting the dab to Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” while perched atop the shoulders of someone who was presumably his chaperone. false

And here’s #CoachellaKid vibing to Drake’s “Fake Love” with NFL player Odell Beckham like it’s NBD.

So, yeah…the little guy is obviously having the time of his life. By the looks of things, he’ll be a seasoned festival vet by the ripe old age of 10. (That or one hell of a party promoter.)

Anyway, speaking of age, the internet is having some serious feelings about seeing this excited kid partying like a rock star at Coachella.

To be fair (and because we may or may not be low-key hating on this kid), he’s hardly the first minor to be seen living it up at Coachella. false

And since the festival welcomes all ages and allows children ages 5 and under to get in for free, he probably won’t be the last.

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