The trailer for Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen’s pizza rom-com is here, and it’s so wonderfully cheesy

In case you missed it, Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen are starring in a very real, not-at-all-a-joke rom-com called Little Italy involving pizza. Lots of pizza. And now, the Little Italy trailer is here to prove it.

In the film, Roberts and Christensen play Nikki and Leo, the daughter and son of dueling pizza shop owners in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood. When Nikki is forced to return to New York due to issues with her visa while living abroad, she’s reunited with Leo. And let’s just say that in addition to pizza dough flying through the air, mad sparks fly, too.

When the internet caught wind of Little Italy back in May, everyone completely freaked out. People thought it might be a prank, or was somehow too good to be true. For one, some thought the kitschy movie poster — which features Roberts wearing a T-shirt that says “A Slice of Heaven,” a clear ode to her aunt Julia’s role in Mystic Pizza — was just a little too cheesy. (Pardon the pun.) Others felt it came completely out of the blue. It couldn’t possibly be real. But it is, and the Little Italy trailer is giving us life.

The Little Italy trailer has everything we could ever ask for in a rom-com.

There’s inter-generational family drama, the romantic backdrop of New York City, and a dreamy leading man in Hayden Christensen. Oh, and there’s pizza. There’s even a scene where Leo delivers Nikki a pizza to her bedroom window using a ladder, Romeo and Juliet style. Not to mention the incredible cast, which includes Alyssa Milano, Jane Seymore, Andrea Martin, and Danny Aiello. It’s official: Rom-coms are back, and they’re better than ever.

You have to watch the Little Italy trailer for yourself.

Little Italy hits theaters on September 21st. Now that’s amore!

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