These little girls received teddy bears with recordings of their late grandfather’s voice for Christmas, and their reactions are so beautiful

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean that holiday miracles are over yet. The Internet is abuzz with news about gift-giving that has made so many of us tear up with bittersweet joy, reminding us of what really makes holidays like Christmas special. There are few things that can bring joy quite like a thoughtful Christmas present — and this teddy bear honoring a late grandfather proves just that.

Last year, the Ramos family in Oklahoma suffered a great loss when their beloved grandfather, Florencio Jimenez, died of a stroke following a car wash robbery. Though the family found justice after the culprits were charged with murder and robbery, the Ramos’ are still feeling a great loss — especially now around the holidays.

But even with the heaviness of the loss on everyone’s mind, Christmas Eve brought an unexpected surprise for Florencio’s granddaughters — 16-year-old Jennifer and younger sisters Mariana and Sarahy.

The two youngest girls received special teddy bears that had special audio messages from their late grandfather. When they squeezed the teddy bears, they heard their grandfather’s voice.

Ramos captured the heartwarming moment on Twitter, and it’s been shared by thousands of people already. false

Seeing the joy that these girls are able to have after the loss of their grandfather gives us hope that Christmas miracles are real. Pass the tissues.

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