This little girl’s inspirational note to herself could help us all

Sometimes when something is really important, you need to write yourself a note as a reminder. And good habits like that can start at really young age. At least that’s what Imgur user IonaHall learned when he found an inspirational note his daughter had written to herself as a reminder.

And if it weren’t sweet enough to picture a little girl writing down motivational reminders to herself, it gets better. The words on her paper were the words of wisdom that her father says to her every morning before he drops her off at school. He was totally touched that his daughter had taken the time to write them down and decided to post them. And we’re glad that he did because his words written in his daughter’s adorable handwriting is a wonderful (and super cute) tips to everyone (no matter what their age) to live a better life.A father’s words to his daughter

It says: dad says work hard be nice. be weird. have a good day! smile don’t forget your awesome

As the father explains in his post, he was so touched that his daughter has taken these lessons to heart. He said that, while they had talked about each of these lessons at length and he had given her daily reminders, he really didn’t know if they were sinking in at all. But one adorable note in a lunchbox made it very clear his positive message was having an impact.

The truth is, those simple lessons are actually really life-changing. We all could benefit from the reminder in our busy lives that being nice is as important as working hard, and being our own particular brand of weird is just as important, as well! So we maybe should all consider learning a lesson from this smart little girl and writing ourselves little lunchtime notes to help remind ourselves to become better.

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