This little girl just won the tooth-pulling game forever

A loose tooth can drive a person nuts. Eating becomes almost dangerous, wiggling turns obsessive, and it feels like that tooth might never fall out. There are two ways to handle a baby tooth on the loose. Most kids wait it out, however impatiently, and let the wobbly tooth fall out due to natural causes. Others take matters into their own hands.

Like Alexis Davidson, who tied her tooth to an arrow and then shot it from a bow. Obviously.

A recent video shows the 11-year-old and her dad, Jason Mcdonald, in their Aurora, Colorado backyard, preparing the molar for lift-off. Alexis seems a little nervous (maybe more excited) to see if using her sling bow to perform a self-extraction will work. Once she’s all set, her dad captured the feat in slow motion. She basically transforms into Katniss Everdeen and the tooth flies right out. Alexis, woman of steel, barely flinches!

Then, she feels around the empty space with her tongue, realizes her experiment worked, and fist pumps in epic, slo-mo celebration. She’s so brave; it’s unbelievable.

Alexis Davidson is our new reigning champion of the tooth-pulling game, but she’s definitely not the first kid to get creative with DIY dentistry. Who could forget the MVP of 2012, Easton, who attached his tooth to a remote-control car using floss? Once he revved that mini monster truck up, it was hasta la vista, toothy.

Does anybody know if the Tooth Fairy gives out bonuses for out-of-the-box ideas like these? If so, Alexis and Easton are probably raking in the big bucks.

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