This little girl told her teacher about her dad growing weed, and got the story adorably wrong

Sometimes kids say the darndest things that could result in their parents being charged with illegal possession of marijuana. Such is this case with this adorable little girl who told her teacher about her dad’s weed garden, only she did what kids tend to do and completely screwed up the story.

According to The Daily Dot, former TMZ producer Dax Holt shared a video of his precious daughter Skylar explaining what caused her teacher to grill her dad about him growing marijuana at home.

Could it be that she’s at that point where kids automatically think everything their parents do is wrong and felt it her personal duty to expose this parental injustice to her teacher? Who knows, but we’re thinking Skylar’s parents will literally never understand why their little sweet angel face felt it was *so* important to go to school and divulge ALL of the family’s biz.

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Like a parent who outsmarts his kid on the regular, Holt decided to take a non-accusatory approach, one that would yield the most accurate version of what actually happened without making Skylar feel like she did something wrong.

And it worked brilliantly. Skylar’s definition of weed, though? Er…, let’s just say we couldn’t possibly explain it as well as she did:

LOL. Poor dad. We can’t imagine what he said to clear this up this discrepancy, but we have a hunch that a serious plan about routine lawn maintenance is definitely on the top of this family’s to-do list.