Little girl has a power lunch with Santa, makes our hearts explode

You know what you could use? An adorable reminder that the world is good to restore your Monday-dredged soul. Don’t worry, we’ve got your fix right here.

Three-year-old Gracielynn was sitting with her mom, eating at a Bob Evans in Indiana, when she spotted a man with a long white beard, red suspenders, and jolly disposition in a booth, eating alone. Gracie Lynn, who thought that the man was Santa Claus, asked her mom if it would be OK to go keep him company. Seriously, she felt bad that he didn’t have any company. Are you dying yet?

Gracielynn’s mother, Lindsey Wilson, agreed, and snapped a photo of her little girl sitting with her would-be Santa, sending in the picture to TV station WFIE.  The guy was actually a mall Santa, so Gracie was kind of on point with the whole thing. He was also cool enough to chat it up with the three-year-old. They talked like old friends about the holidays and the fact that she’s about to be a big sister—her mom’s expecting a son in a few weeks. Overall, it seemed like it was super solid pow-wow. But see for yourself here.

14NEWS, the Tri-State’s News

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