This picture of a little girl either jumping into a pool or already underwater is the new #TheDress

Guys, 2015 has been a year that has totally messed with our minds. Like the picture of the cat that is either going up or down a flight of stairs, or the nail polishes that both match (and don’t match) the shoe, or — of course — the supposedly blue-and-black dress (THAT TOTALLY LOOKED WHITE AND GOLD) that sent the Internet into a frenzy. Well, we’ve got a new #TheDress in the form of a picture of a little girl.

So answer us this: Is this little girl jumping into a pool, or is she already underwater?

The image was first uploaded by Imgur user maskari two days ago, and since then, it’s got over 2.5 million views. Mainly because no one can come to a consensus. “She’s obviously not underwater since her hair is dry, but those are definitely air bubbles instead of water droplets in front of her face,” commented one Imgur user.

There are two camps surrounding this new optical meltdown. Team Jumping says that her hair and body appear to be dry, the shadows look like she’s out of water, and she’s making a splash like one would if they were jumping in. Team Underwater says that the color of the photo suggests she’s underwater, the light looks like it’s refracted (like it does in the inside of a pool), and she has air bubbles around her face.

However, people are getting pretty. . . passionate. “Anybody who actually believes she’s underwater should be banned from accessing the internet for the rest of their lives,” commented one Imgur user. “She jumped in the pool and the pic was snapped when she was trying to come up. I guess everyone already knows that,” commented another.

Just when we think we’ve got the whole world figured out again, a girl enjoying some fun in the pool sends our minds into a tailspin. Oh, Internet, what would we do without you?

(Images via Imgur, Twitter.)

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